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Vol 6, No 2 (2017) Augmenting Tertiary Students' Soft Skills Via Multiple Intelligences Instructional Approach: Literature Courses in Focus Abstract   PDF
El Sherief Eman
Vol 8, No 1 (2019) Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed in A Virtual Context: Suggestions for a Nigerian Youth Social Media Theatre Strategy Abstract   PDF
Austin Okeke, Adaoma Igwedibia
Vol 3, No 5 (2014) Auschwitz as the Sinthome of Modernity: A Žižekian Reading of Harold Pinter’s Ashes to Ashes Abstract   PDF
Elias Naqipour
Vol 7, No 4 (2018) Authentic Learning: Enhancing Learners’ Academic Literacy Skills Abstract   PDF
Albert Agbesi Wornyo, Ernest Kwesi Klu, Hlaviso Motlhaka
Vol 6, No 2 (2017) Autonomous Histories of Muslim Women Cultural Poetics; A Critical Reading of the Personal/Academic Narratives of Leila Ahmed and Amina Wadud Abstract   PDF
Hadeer Abo El Nagah
Vol 5, No 2 (2016) Autonomy, Critical Thinking and Listening Comprehension Ability of Iranian EFL Learners Abstract   PDF
Atefeh Elekaei, Sajad Faramarzi, Hossein Heidari Tabrizi
Vol 7, No 2 (2018) Bad Study Habits of EFL Learners as Indicators of their Poor Performance: A Case of the University of Bisha Abstract   PDF
Al-Maqtri Mahmoud Ahmad
Vol 3, No 1 (2014) Barthes’ Irreversible Codes: An Intertextual Reading of James Joyce’s “Araby” Abstract   PDF
Seyed Ali Booryazadeh, Sohila Faghfori
Vol 6, No 6 (2017) Between Languages and Cultures: Arabic into English Transliteration in English Travel Literature Abstract   PDF
Nusaiba Adel Almahameed, Renad Mohammad Abbadi, Atef Adel Almahameed
Vol 6, No 4 (2017) Between Mahmoud Darwish and Mohammed Al-Thubaiti a Textual Approach to “Now, in Exile” and “Consort” Abstract   PDF
Mohammad SuleimanAl-sauodi
Vol 6, No 7 (2017): [Special Issue] Beyond Expectations: Autonomy and the Iranian Postgraduate Students in Malaysian Public Universities Abstract   PDF
Sina Neissi, Habsah Hussin
Vol 3, No 2 (2014) Binary Opposition, Chronology of Time and Female Identity in William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily Abstract   PDF
Forough Barani, Wan Roselezam Wan Yahya
Vol 3, No 3 (2014) Binary Oppositions and Defiance to Phallogocentrism in Caryl Churchill’s Owners Abstract   PDF
Pareia Bakhshi
Vol 4, No 3 (2015) Black Feminism: What Women of Color Went Through in Toni Morrison’s Selected Novels Abstract   PDF
Ayda Rahmani
Vol 1, No 2 (2012) Black Women’s Quest for Subjectivity: Identity Politics in Toni Morrison’s Novels’: Song of Solomon and Beloved Abstract   PDF
Khamsa Qasim
Vol 6, No 2 (2017) Black’s Survival Strategy: Tricksterism in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man Abstract   PDF
Meiling Fu
Vol 3, No 6 (2014) Blinds Bluffing of Vision: Paul de Man on Text Abstract   PDF
Ali Jamalinesari
Vol 5, No 6 (2016) Blogging for Self-reflection among Pre-service English Language Teachers in Saudi Arabia: An Exploratory Study of Students' Own Reflections Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Al Khateeb
Vol 6, No 7 (2017): [Special Issue] Blooming of the Novel in the Bloomsbury Group: An Investigation to the Impact of the Members of Bloomsbury Group on the Composition of the Selected Works of Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forster Abstract   PDF
SeyedehZahra Nozen, Bahman Amani, Fatemeh Ziyarati
Vol 2, No 1 (2013) Book Review: Al-Seghayer, Khalid 2011, English Teaching in Saudi Arabia: Status, Issues, and Challenges, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Hala Print CO. 175 pages, ISBN 978-6030079254 Abstract   PDF
Ghsoon Reda
Vol 1, No 5 (2012): [Special Issue] Book Review: Litosseliti, L. (2010). Research Methods In Linguistics. Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. 228pp. ISBN 978-0-8264-8993-7 (paperback) Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Javad Riasati, Forough Rahimi
Vol 4, No 4 (2015) Boosting Autonomous Foreign Language Learning: Scrutinizing the Role of Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Vocabulary Learning Strategies Abstract   PDF
Mania Nosratinia, Alireza Zaker
Vol 4, No 3 (2015) Brain Dominance And Speaking Strategy Use of Iranian EFL Learners Abstract   PDF
Nastaran Mireskandari, Sepideh Alavi
Vol 1, No 4 (2012) Burnout among Low and High Experienced Teachers Abstract   PDF
Seyedehhava Mousavy, Nur Sakinah Thomas, Jayakaran Mukundan, Vahid Nimehchisalem
Vol 2, No 1 (2013) Can Automated Writing Evaluation Programs Help Students Improve Their English Writing? Abstract   PDF
Pei-ling Wang
Vol 3, No 2 (2014) Capitalizing on Speaking Skill of EFL Learners for the Language Literacy Abstract   PDF
Fauzia Hasan Siddiqui
Vol 7, No 6 (2018) Causative-inchoative Alternation in the Language of Jordanian EFL Learners Abstract   PDF
Yazan Shaker Almahameed, Mohammad Mansour Al-Aajalein, Khawlah Mohammad Ahmad
Vol 6, No 2 (2017) Changes in University Students’ Perceptions towards a Two-Week Summer English Immersion Program Abstract   PDF
Meihua Liu, Yang Hu, Yan Peng
Vol 6, No 4 (2017) Character Analysis Through Politeness in A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor Abstract   PDF
Le Thi Bich Thuan
Vol 3, No 1 (2014) Characteristics of Effective EFL Instructors: Language Teachers’ Perceptions Versus Learners’ Perceptions Abstract   PDF
Negar Hajizadeh, Neda Salahshour
Vol 2, No 2 (2013) Classroom Interactions in a Cooperative Translation Task Abstract   PDF
Hui chuan Wang
Vol 6, No 1 (2017) Cognitive & Pragmatic Aspects of Polycodedness of a Scientific Text, A Case Study of the Spanish Language Abstract   PDF
Svetlana Vladimirovna Dmitrichenkova, Elena Anatolyevna Dolzhich, Taisia Georgievna Popova
Vol 5, No 3 (2016) Cognitive Systematicity of Semantic Change: Cross-Linguistic Evidence Abstract   PDF
Baseel A. AlBzour
Vol 2, No 3 (2013) Cohesion in News Articles: A Discourse Analysis Approach Abstract   PDF
Angelina Subrayan Michael, Chittra Muthusamy, Puspalata C Suppiah, Caroline Joseph, Sulia Masturina binti Che Razali
Vol 3, No 4 (2014) Cohesive Devices Frequency in English Textbooks: Do They Help or Hinder EFL Reading Comprehension? Abstract   PDF
Natasha Pourdana, Mahnaz Naziri, John S. Rajeski
Vol 5, No 6 (2016) Colligations of Prepositions: Essential Properties of Legal Phraseology Abstract   PDF
Kamariah Yunus, Su’ad Awab, Radzuwan Ab Rashid
Vol 5, No 1 (2016) Colonial Fantasy Shattered, Cosmopolitan Dream Broken: V. S. Naipaul’s Mr Stone and the Knights Companion Abstract   PDF
Weiwei Xu
Vol 4, No 6 (2015) Color Naming Experiment in Mongolian Language Abstract   PDF
Nandin-Erdene Osorjamaa, Nansalmaa Nyamjav
Vol 3, No 6 (2014) Colorful ESL Test Papers And Spatial Intelligence: Abstract   PDF
Dennis Moradkhan, Kourosh Karimi, Atoosa Aryan
Vol 4, No 6 (2015) Combining Explicit- Implicit with Focus on Form - Focus on FormS Feedback in EFL Learners' Written Task Accuracy Abstract   PDF
Asghar Salimi, Davoud Amini, Malahat Yousefzadeh
Vol 2, No 5 (2013) Commenting on Findings in Qualitative and Quantitative Research Articles’ Discussion Sections in Applied Linguistics Abstract   PDF
Leila Dobakhti
Vol 3, No 3 (2014) Common Preposition Errors Committed by Iranian Students Abstract   PDF
Samaneh Yousefi, Afshin Soori, Abusaied Janfaza
Vol 4, No 6 (2015) Communication Apprehension: A Comparison between English Majors and Non-majors in China Abstract   PDF
Peng Shi-Yong, Muhamad Sham Bin S. Ali
Vol 2, No 5 (2013) Communication as Sociocultural Meaning Exchange: Abstract   PDF
Iyabode Omolara Akewo Daniel
Vol 2, No 1 (2013) Community Teaching Practice for Greater Learning Abstract   PDF
Siao-cing Guo
Vol 5, No 2 (2016) Comparative Analysis of Strategies Applied in Persian and English Translations of Quranic-Arabic Culture Bound Term “Jilbab” (33:59) Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Zahra Nazari Robati
Vol 5, No 1 (2016) Comparative Arabic and English Literacy: A Study of Female University Students' Practices in Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
Islam Ababneh
Vol 2, No 1 (2013) Comparing Effect of 'Summarizing', 'Question-Answer Relationship', and 'Syntactic Structure Identification' on the Reading Comprehension of Iranian EFL students Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Hemmati, Safoora Bemani
Vol 3, No 2 (2014) Comparing English and Mo/Deg Nominal Group Qualifiers Abstract   PDF
Anto Sylvester Kwabena
Vol 1, No 6 (2012) Comparison of Continuous Assessment (CA) and Examination Scores in an English Speech Work Class Abstract   PDF
Iyabode Omolara Akewo DANIEL
Vol 1, No 5 (2012): [Special Issue] Comparison of Gratitude across Context Variations: A Generic Analysis of Dissertation Acknowledgements Written by Taiwanese Authors in EFL and ESL Contexts Abstract   PDF
Wenhsien Yang
Vol 6, No 5 (2017) Comparison of Personal Pronoun between Arabic and Its Indonesian Translation of Koran Abstract   PDF
Markhamah -, Abdul Ngalim, Muhammad Muinudinillah Basri, Atiqa Sabardila
Vol 6, No 3 (2017) Comparison of the Impact of Extensive and Intensive Reading Approaches on the Korean EFL Learners’ Reading Rate and Reading Comprehension Development Abstract   PDF
A Young Park
Vol 7, No 1 (2018) Comparison of Three Models Dealing with Working Memory and Its Dimensions in Second Language Acquisition Abstract   PDF
Abdulaziz Alshahrani
Vol 6, No 2 (2017) Compiling an OPEC Word List: A Corpus-Informed Lexical Analysis Abstract   PDF
Ebtisam Saleh Aluthman
Vol 7, No 4 (2018) Complaint and Politeness Strategies used by Iranian Speakers of English Abstract   PDF
Narges Masjedi, Shamala Paramasivam
Vol 3, No 3 (2014) Complexity Theory and CALL Curriculum in Foreign Language Learning Abstract   PDF
Hassan Soleimani, Farnaz Farrokh Alaee
Vol 5, No 6 (2016) Computer Phobia among Adult University Students Abstract   PDF
Kamariah Yunus, Wahidah Wahid, SNM Syed Omar, Radzuwan Ab Rashid
Vol 5, No 2 (2016) Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in the EFL Classroom and its Impact on Effective Teaching-learning Process in Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
Naiyer Azam Hashmi
Vol 6, No 1 (2017) Computer-assisted Language Learning for the Development of Listening Skills: A Case Study of Pre-university Russian as a Foreign Language Abstract   PDF
Maria Yu. Lebedeva, E.V. Koltakova, Olga N. Khaleeva, M.N. Rusetskaya
Vol 5, No 1 (2016) Conceptual Fluency in Second Language Teaching: An Overview of Problems, Issues, Research Findings, and Pedagogy Abstract   PDF
Marcel Danesi
Vol 5, No 5 (2016) Conceptual Translation: Script Theory over Equivalence Theory Abstract   PDF
Naser N. AlBzour
Vol 6, No 7 (2017): [Special Issue] Conceptualizing Language Learning Metaphors in the Saudi EFL Context: Practicality, Applicability & Appropriacy Abstract   PDF
Mansoor S. Almalki
Vol 6, No 7 (2017): [Special Issue] Configuration of the Self-Mythology and Identity of Female Characters in Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things and The New York Trilogy Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Amin Shirkhani
Vol 1, No 1 (2012) Conjunctions in Malaysian Secondary School English Language Textbooks Abstract   PDF
Alicia Philip, Jayakaran Mukundan, Vahid Nimehchisalem
Vol 6, No 5 (2017) Construction and Interpretation Of Corpus-Based English Poetry Vocabulary Profile Abstract   PDF
Omar A. Sheikh Al-Shabab
Vol 2, No 6 (2013) Consumption as Sign in Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis Abstract   PDF
Seyyede Fateme Mirbabazade, Alireza Jafari
Vol 5, No 4 (2016) Contributions of Saudi Institutions in Applied Linguistics’ Journals Indexed in SSCI: Perspectives from Academics and Journals’ Editors Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Ali Mohsen
Vol 3, No 1 (2014) Contributory Role of Collaborative Assessment in Improving Critical Thinking and Writing Abstract   PDF
Mansoor Fahim, Mowla Miri, Yaghoub Najafi
Vol 2, No 5 (2013) Conversational Implicatures in English Plays and Their Persian Translations: A Norm-governed Study Abstract   PDF
Zahra Hassani Laharomi
Vol 1, No 7 (2012): [Special Issue] Conveying Communicative Intent: Moves and Metadiscourse in Abstract Writing Abstract   PDF
Chuah Ek Lon, Helen Tan, Ain Nadzimah Abdullah
Vol 6, No 1 (2017) Cosmic Mysticism: Quest for the Absolute in the Works of Tagore and Sri Aurobindo Abstract   PDF
Swati Samantaray
Vol 4, No 2 (2015) Creativity in Writing: A Study of EFL Learners’ Locus of Control Abstract   PDF
Hooshang Khoshsima, Mehri Izadi
Vol 3, No 1 (2014) Critical Discourse Analysis of the Appeals in English Women’s Advertisements Abstract   PDF
Cao Shuo, Huili Wang, Yucui Wang
Vol 4, No 5 (2015) Critical Discourse Analysis: A Scrupulous Look at Invisible Man in Terms of Bakhtin’s Point of View Abstract   PDF
Shirin Pourebrahim, Mozhgan Eyvazi, Saba Mirzaee
Vol 6, No 5 (2017) Critical Evaluation of the New Headway Advanced and the ILI Advanced Series: A Comparison of Curricular Components and CLT Objectives Based on ACTFL Abstract   PDF
Esmail Zare-Behtash, Hassan Banaruee
Vol 2, No 2 (2013) Critical Pedagogy of a Post-9/11 Muslim Memoir Abstract   PDF
Esmaeil Zeiny Jelodar, Noraini Md Yusof, Ruzy Suliza Hashim, Raihanah M.M
Vol 3, No 4 (2014) Critical Pedagogy: A Key Factor for Improvement of Iranian EFL Learners’ Self-Regulation and Writing Ability Abstract   PDF
Neda Mohammadi, Khalil Motallebzadeh, Hamid Ashraf
Vol 3, No 4 (2014) Critical Thinking in the EFL Context of Iran Abstract   PDF
Mansoor Fahim, Atefeh Rezanejad
Vol 2, No 3 (2013) Cross-Cultural Variation of Politeness Orientation & Speech Act Perception Abstract   PDF
Nisreen Naji Al-Khawaldeh, Vladimir Žegarac
Vol 5, No 4 (2016) Cross-gender Comparison of Metacognitive Strategies Utilized by Omani Students in Reading Comprehension Classes Abstract   PDF
Manizheh Alami
Vol 7, No 1 (2018) Crossing Canadian Cultural Borders: A study of the Aboriginal/White Stereotypical Relations in George Ryga's The Ecstasy of Rita Joe Abstract   PDF
Maram M. Samman
Vol 3, No 6 (2014) Crossing Metacognitive Strategy Awareness in Listening Performance: An Emphasis on Language Proficiency Abstract   PDF
Ali Dabbagh, Mahdi Noshadi
Vol 5, No 2 (2016) Cultural Collision and Women Victimization in Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood Abstract   PDF
Mohamed Fathi Helaly
Vol 7, No 1 (2018) Culture as a Problem in the Translation of Jordanian Proverbs into English Abstract   PDF
Bakri Hussein Suleiman Al-Azzam
Vol 2, No 6 (2013) Culture Influence on the Perception of the Body Language by Arab and Malay Students Abstract   PDF
Marzieh Gordan, Isai Amuthan Krishnan, Zurina Khairuddin
Vol 2, No 3 (2013) Death of a Salesman and The Glass Menagerie: A Phenomenological Reduction Abstract   PDF
Bakhtiar Naghdipour
Vol 2, No 5 (2013) Decay of Ethics in David Mamet’s American Buffalo Abstract   PDF
Ehsan Dehghani, Mehdi Sepehrmanesh
Vol 5, No 6 (2016) Deconstructing Functional Organisation of Newspaper Discourse Abstract   PDF
Radzuwan Ab Rashid, Kamariah Yunus, Zanirah Wahab
Vol 5, No 5 (2016) Defying the Dominant Masculine Identity in D. H. Lawrence’s Novel The Rainbow Abstract   PDF
Angelina Subrayan, Wan Roselezam Wan Yahya
Vol 4, No 4 (2015) Deixis in Arabic and English: A Contrastive Approach Abstract   PDF
Fatima Ahmad Al Aubali
Vol 5, No 3 (2016) Deleuzian Reading of Nomadology, War Machine and Transferring from Being to Becoming in Mahmoud Dowlatabadi’s Kalidar Abstract   PDF
Fataneh Zaheri
Vol 1, No 6 (2012) Delineating Two Exclusive Views on Power of Choosing and Modal Dynamics of Double Performances Abstract   PDF
Mahshad Jalalpourroodsari, Sarah Catherine Household Ilkhani
Vol 4, No 6 (2015) Depicting the Orient in Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone Abstract   PDF
Amna Matar Al-Neyadi
Vol 7, No 4 (2018) Depiction of Women as the Primary Architects of their own Oppression: A Masculinist Critique of El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero Abstract   PDF
Abdulrahman Abdulwaheed Idris, Rosli Talif, Arbaayah Ali Termizi, Hardev Kaur Jujar
Vol 7, No 5 (2018) Describing the Acquisition of the Passive Voice by a Child Learner of Japanese as a Second Language from a Processability Theory Perspective Abstract   PDF
Junko Iwasaki, Rhonda Oliver
Vol 6, No 3 (2017) Design and Interaction in the Narratives of Decoration Discourse Abstract   PDF
Heba Zaytoon
Vol 5, No 6 (2016) Determinism and Gender in Galsworthy’s The Man of Property and Naguib Mahfouz’s Palace Walk A Naturalistic Approach Abstract   PDF
Abdulfattah Omar
Vol 6, No 7 (2017): [Special Issue] Developing Competence in Basic Writing Skills: Perceptions of EFL Undergraduates Abstract   PDF
George Mathew Nalliveettil, Abdullah Mahasneh
Vol 2, No 5 (2013) Developing Pictographic Impact on the Minds of the Students through Poetry of John Seely’s Textbook Taught at O’level in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Abid Hayat Khokhar, Zaira Wahab
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