International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies

Literacy has been and will continue to be an important part of our life. Its crucial role in the development of human beings cannot be denied. However, compared with other areas, research in the area of education and literacy is not as impactful as expected to be. One of the ways in which more quality research and better development in the area of education can be realized is through disseminating the research findings of scholars from all parts of the world. With this objective, the International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies (IJELS) was established in 2013. It is an open-access peer-reviewed journal with an ISSN granted by the National Library of Australia.

Ever since its birth, its resourceful and accredited editorial board members have been diligently working to ensure the scientific quality of the articles that are finally accepted for publication. The board is highly sensitive to research and publication ethics. In recent years, the publication market has become highly competitive. Some journals merely value quantity. Despite its rather young age, our journal has proudly published hundreds of impactful research articles from all continents of the world. However, what is more important than quantity for IJELS board members is the quality of the content published in the journal. We make every possible effort to ensure the originality, scientific soundness, and overall quality of the articles before they are accepted for publication. Authors who have worked with us are well aware of the sensitivity of the board to matters of plagiarism, relevance, readability, and quality.

IJELS is a peer-reviewed journal that contributes to research and practice in the area of education and literacy. In addition to research articles, the journal welcomes review articles, conceptual papers, short communications, book reviews, and interviews in the area of education and literacy, novel methodologies in literacy, advancements in literacy research and practice, and creative applications of theories in education and literacy. Authors who are interested to submit their manuscripts to IJELS are requested to ensure that their manuscripts are within the scope of the journal. Both printed and online versions of IJELS are available. IJELS is open-access; authors are charged a processing fee to enable us to make online versions of their papers freely available for an international readership.

IJELS Highlights

                         Most Downloaded Articles

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  1. The Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA): A Guide to a Good Qualitative Research Approach Read 1032 Times

  2. Grammar Translation Method (GTM) Versus Communicative Language Teaching (CLT); A Review of Literature Read 602 Times
  3. The Effect of Computer Games on Students’ Critical Thinking Disposition and Educational Achievement Read 389 Times
  4. Reading and Writing Experiences of Middle School Students in the Digital Age: Wattpad Sample Read 326 Times
  5. Teaching English Speaking Skills to the Arab Students in the Saudi School in Kuala Lumpur: Problems and Solutions 312 Times
  6. Integrated Functional Adult Literacy: Existing Practices and Challenges in Eastern Ethiopia 269 Times
  1. The interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA): A guide to a good qualitative research approach cited 2,629 times
  2. Education 4.0 made simple: Ideas for teaching  cited 1,221 times   
  3. The correlation between speaking anxiety, self-confidence, and speaking achievement of Undergraduate EFL students of a private university in Palembang cited 259 times
  4. Teaching English speaking skills to the Arab students in the Saudi school in Kuala Lumpur: Problems and solutions cited 216 times
  5. Digital literacy with EFL student teachers: exploring Indonesian student teachers’ initial perception about integrating digital technologies into a teaching unit cited 134 times
  6. The Sources of Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety of Iranian English Language Learners  cited 133 times
  7. A Review of the Contemporary International Literature on Student Retention in Higher Education cited 129 times
  8. Grammar Translation Method (GTM) Versus Communicative Language Teaching (CLT); A Review of Literature cited 108 times  
  9. A brief overview of key issues in second language writing teaching and research cited 105 times
  10. Ethnographic and case study approaches: Philosophical and methodological analysis cited 99 times
  11. The views of Turkish language teachers on distance education and digital literacy during covid-19 pandemic  cited 90 times
  12. Influence of financial literacy and use of financial technology on financial satisfaction through financial behavior cited 90 times
  13. Modular-based approach and students’ achievement in literature cited 87 times
  14. An overview of focal approaches of critical discourse analysis cited 83 times
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