Parenting Style as Correlates of Adolescents’ Academic Achievement Motivation of Bate Secondary School, Haramaya, Ethiopia

Amare Misganaw Mihret, Galata Sitota Dilgasa, Tsigereda Hailu Mamo


This study aimed at examining the relationship of adolescents’ academic achievement motivation and parenting styles. Data were collected from randomly selected 192 adolescent students (93 males and 99 females) through standardized scales of achievement motivation self-report inventory and parenting style scale. The data analysis has been done through both descriptive and inferential statistical methods. To this end, finding revealed that authoritarian parenting style is the most commonly practiced parenting style in the families of respondents among other three parenting styles (authoritative, indulgent and neglectful). There is a statistically significant relationship between authoritative parenting style and students’ academic achievement motivation. Significant relationship between authoritarian parenting style and students’ academic achievement motivation has also been reported. There is strong and negative relationship between neglectful parenting style and students’ academic achievement motivation. That it means, neglectful parenting negatively affects students’ academic motivation. As expected, significant relationship between indulgent parenting style and students’ academic motivation was not reported. In the end, some points were forwarded to suggest ways of properly addressing the gaps noted in this research.


Adolescents, Parenting Styles, Academic Motivation

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