Nigerian Pidgin Variations in the Ikom-Ogoja Axis of Cross River State, Nigeria

Mercy Ugot, Offiong Ani Offiong, Oyo Ekpo Oyo


This Paper focuses on lexical items in the Ikom Ogoja variety of Nigerian Pidgin (NP). This however does not mean that the regularized Nigerian Pidgin (NP) is not being used in the area. However, factors such as contact with the substrate languages in the area and borrowing have all influenced the emergence of some variations in NP usage. The Paper highlights these variations in the Ikom-Ogoja axis of Cross River State in areas of borrowing, reduplication, metaphors and metaphorical extensions and euphemisms. This has helped to show the dynamism of NP which is constantly growing and expanding to suit the needs of a pluralistic society such as Nigeria in general and Cross River State in particular.


Reduplication,euphemism, substrate, superstrate and metaphorical extensions.

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