International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies

International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies (IJELS) is a peer-reviewed journal established in Australia. The journal welcomes researchers to submit their original and unpublished full papers for intended publication in IJELS. The submitted works should not be under review in any other journal. IJELS publishes papers from a variety of areas in education and literacy. Both printed and online versions of IJELS are available. The online versions of IJELS papers can be downloaded free of charge. 

IJELS Highlights

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  1.  A Review of Research Literature on Obstacles that Prevent Use of ICT in Pre-Service Teachers' Educational Courses
  2. Exploring Saudi Pre-service Teachers' Knowledge of Critical Thinking Skills and their Teaching Perceptions
  3. A Review of Characteristics and Experiences of Decentralization of Education
  4. Relationship Between Organizational Climate, Job Stress And Job Performance Officer At State Education Department
  5. Exploring How Nigerian Women Foster Action to Be Taken to Involve More Women Participation in Technical and Vocational Education
  1. Exploring into the new model procedure in translation: Wafting as a case in point
  2. Evaluation of Malaysian English Language Teaching Textbooks
  3. Language use in computer-mediated communication: An investigation into the genre of workplace emails
  4. Grammar Translation Method (GTM) Versus Communicative Language Teaching (CLT); A Review of Literature
  5. An Overall Perspective of Machine Translation with its Shortcomings