Advances in Bioscience and Clinical Medicine

Advances in Bioscience and Clinical Medicine (ABCmed)  is an international open-access, peer-reviewed journal established in Australia. ABCmed spans all areas of bioscience and medicine publishing original research articles, review articles, short communications, case reports and correspondences. Both printed and online versions of ABCmed are available. The journal is indexed in leading indexing and abstracting services, including but not limited to NLM catalog, proquest, etc. Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts for review as there is no article submission and article processing charges.  

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  1. Management Of Post Stroke Seizures  Read 372 Times
  2. The Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Blood Pressure and Hypertension Read 170 Times
  3. Rehabilitation Treatment In Dysarthria Caused By Stroke (Review) Read 167 Times
  4. Understanding D-Ribose and Mitochondrial Function Read 161 Times
  5. Comparison of interrater reliability and predictive validity of FOUR score and Glasgow Coma Scale in multi traumatic patients Read 161 Times
  1. The effect of cigarette smoking on blood pressure and hypertension Cited 16 Times
  2. Facial soft tissue thickness in North-West of Iran Cited 14 Times
  3. Is ginger (Zingiber officinale) mouthwash a convenient therapeutic for denture stomatitis? Cited 11 Times
  4. Adhesion of streptococcus mutans to Zirconia, Titanium alloy and some other restorative materials:“An in-vitro study” Cited 11 Times
  5. The effect of biofeedback on the motor–muscular situation in rehabilitation of stroke patients: a randomized controlled trial Cited 8 Times
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