Exploring Marxist Perspective Amidst Exploitation and False Consciousness in Hosain’s The Old Man

Muhammad Hamzah Masood, Shahzeb Shafi


History has witnessed the exploitation of working class at the hands of ruling class since the very beginning of mankind. This exploitation has always led the poor to the state of false consciousness. Karl Marx has pointed out this social injustice in his theory. This research is an attempt to find Marxist elements of exploitation and false consciousness in the short story The Old Man by Attia Hosain, which is written in the context of subcontinent. Current study has incorporated the textual method of analysis through the lens of the proposition of Karl Marx about the behaviour of the bourgeoisie towards the proletariat. The study is qualitative in nature where descriptive method of textual analysis is utilized to look for and examine the instances of exploitation and false consciousness. The major finding of research depicts that the upper class has always exploited the poor and the poor who have false consciousness bear all inhumane behaviour without any resistance. Thus, it is the view that exploitation and false consciousness pose difficulties and hardships for the poor class.


Poverty, Marxist Elements, Exploitation, False Consciousness, Class Distinction

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7575/aiac.ijalel.v.9n.3p.18


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