Equity vs. Ethic Literacy – Socio-Educational Dilemma in the Case of Pandemic Finland, Autumn 2020

Jyrki Loima


This case study aimed to comprehend socio-educational policy in the light of pandemic ethic literacy in Finland. Consequently, methodologically the official, public, and ethic research data were triangulated to analyze the Ministry’s understanding on educational equity in Finland. Discussion involved global pandemic ethic principles (transparency, participation, review and revisability). Hermeneutic methodology revealed imbalances. Ministry of Education and Culture failed regionally, as well as qualitatively, in its quantitative by-the-book policy. As the main finding, pandemic ethics were generally ignored by the Ministry. Ethic principles were not recognized – or were neglected. Furthermore, Ministry’s decision-making was unconditional, instead of being participatory and revising. Lacking transparency was revealed in rhetoric of “several” children, or probable “likelihood”, without argumentation. However, the policy could have been revisable with increasing evidence. Epistemic imbalances and hermeneutic injustice occurred regionally and qualitatively. Those involved all, both the vulnerable, and gifted pupils. Finally, the policy created inequity, adding ageist and racist elements in southern country. Moreover, the Ministry repeatedly acted against its vision. While Ministers, and responsible authorities, should update their “hidden” curriculum, regional policies and Covid-19 variants deserve further studies.


Pandemic Ethics, Socio-educational Policy, Basic Education, Equity, Hermeneutic Justice, Epistemic Injustice

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7575/aiac.ijels.v.9n.2p.2


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