Challenges of Online English Literature Learning and Assessment in Private Universities of Bangladesh during Covid-19 Pandemic: Students’ Perspectives

Safi Ullah, - Moniruzzaman, Md. Mahroof Hossain


During the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the English literature learning and assessment have moved from classroom form to online form. This study emphasizes on the challenges of online English literature learning and students’ experience and expectation regarding online English literature course assessment in private universities of Bangladesh. English literature students were invited to participate in the survey and 326 students from 10 private universities partook. Students dwelling in towns and villages addressed their problems what they experienced while attending online literature class and assessment. Previous researches shed light on abrupt transit to online education in different countries including Bangladesh, voices and views of teachers and students of English and other departments, even on language courses, but none of them addressed the situation English literature students of private universities undergo during the pandemic of Covid-19, which stopped on-sight education across the globe. This paper determines to elaborate the challenges, experience, expectation and overall voices of English literature students from private universities of Bangladesh regarding online literature class and assessment. This qualitative research labels students’ exact problems and recommendation which will help minimize the loss of students’ learning, thus, will benefit the students of English literature of Bangladeshi private universities. The findings will also assist the instructors to overcome the challenges of online English literature teaching and assessment.


Covid-19, Literature Courses, Online Learning, Assessment, Challenges

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