The Characteristics of Romanticism in the Children’s Poem in Iran

Ali Armaghan, Reza Shajari, Maryam Jalali, Alireza Fouladi


Romanticism is one of the important contemporary literal schools and has absorbed many poets and authors all across the world. Persian literature specifically the adolescents and children poem in Iran has been affected. Many Iranian poets have been among the pioneers of romanticism in the adolescents and children poem. The poems of these poets include delicate interpretations and concepts in the principles of romantic poem. They have used the specifications and principles of romanticism due to the conditions and outlook of the addressees (children and adolescents).The current essay scrutinizes the characteristics of romanticism in the adolescents and children poem. Romanticism considers identifications such as naturalism, rustic are tendencies, liberalism, nostalgic issues, individualism and tendency to traveling. It also tries to explore new interpretations.

Key words: contemporary poem, Iran, adolescents and children poem, romanticism

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