The Word (qara’a) (read) in the Holy Koran and pre- Islamic Poetry

Mahmoud Al Deeky


This research deals with the verb “qara’a” (read) and with what is derived from or built on in Qur’an and  pre Islam poetry. The research stems from the assumption that this item (read)   did not appear in pre-Islam Arabic in the meaning agreed upon   regarding the concept of reading a written text, and what is stated in the Qur’an regarding the use of this item (the verb read) is the development of  the connotation of a language item related to a common Semitic origin. The connotation is linked with religious text, in the first place, in Aramaic, Syriac and Hebrew; its impact extended to Arabic  with the revelation of Qur’an . The researcher concludes that the meanings and connotations stated in  Arabic dictionaries of this language item are  late, which Arab linguists tried to arbitrarily gear them to suit the new  developed connotations.

Keywords: (qara’a) read, Qur’an,  Pre-Islam poetry, connotative development,  semantic, comparative studies

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