Effectiveness of Translating English Technical and Scientific Terms by Arabicization Strategy in Al-Oloom Ll-Omoom Magazine and Syrian Researchers Network on Reader’s Understanding

Ibrahem Bani Abdo, Majid Awwad


This research paper is a genuine one since all previous researches discuss Arabicization as a strategy of translation. However, this paper investigates this strategy as a problematic issue that translators of scientific and technical articles face. This study is based on the theoretical frames of scientific and technical terms discussed in Pinchuck (1977) and Olohan (2013). It also includes the lexical borrowing definitions of Catford (1976). Arabicization is also discussed based on Ahmed (2011) and Al-Asal and Smadi (2012) studies. A questionnaire has been conducted to investigate the readers’ understanding of Arabicized terms. 160 respondents have answered the questionnaire. The data are quoted from Al-Oloom Ll-Omoom magazine and Syrian Researchers network. The questionnaire’s results are analyzed through using SPSS technique. The study concludes that different level of understanding the technical and the scientific terms depend on the frequency of use. The frequent use of the technical terms in our daily life makes these terms are more grasped than the scientific ones. This study also reveals that translating scientific terms using Arabicization is a problematic issue and makes these terms difficult to be understood by regular people who are not expert in the field. Footnote is a good strategy to solve this problematic issue.


Scientific, Technical Terms, Lexical Borrowing, Arabicization, Translation, Understandability

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7575/aiac.ijclts.v.7n.2p.39


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