Little Sounds

Baker M. Bani-Khair


The Spider and the Fly


You little spider,

To death you aspire...

Or seeking a web wider,

To death all walking,

No escape you all fighters…

Weak and fragile in shape and might,

Whatever you see in the horizon,

That is destiny whatever sight.

And tomorrow the spring comes,

And the flowers bloom,

And the grasshopper leaps high,

And the frogs happily cry,

And the flies smile nearby,

To that end,

The spider has a plot,

To catch the flies by his net,

A mosquito has fallen down in his net,

Begging him to set her free,

Out of that prison,

To her freedom she aspires,


 That is all what she requires,

But the spider vows never let her free,

His power he admires,

Turning blind to light,

And with his teeth he shall bite,

Leaving her in desperate might,

Unable to move from site to site,

Tied up with strings in white,

Wrapped up like a dead man,

Waiting for his grave at night,


The mosquito says,

Oh little spider,

A stronger you are than me in power,

But listen to my words before death hour,

Today is mine and tomorrow is yours,

No escape from death...

Whatever the color of your flower…



Little sounds

The Ant

The ant is a little creature with a ferocious soul,

Looking and looking for more and more,

You can simply crush it like dead mold,

Or you can simply leave it alone,

I wonder how strong and strong they are!

Working day and night in a small hole,

Their motto is work or whatever you call…

A big boon they have and joy in fall,

Because they found what they store,

A lesson to learn and memorize all in all,

Work is something that you should not ignore!


The butterfly:

I’m the butterfly

Beautiful like a blue clear sky,

Or sometimes look like snow,

Different in colors, shapes and might,

But something to know that we always die,

So fragile, weak and thin,

Lighter than a glimpse and delicate as light,

Something to know for sure…

Whatever you have in life and all these fields,

You are not happier than a butterfly


The beetle:

The beetle is a legend,

Calm and quiet,

Never harm or hurt,

But live in the dark,

A beetle can say something,

We are peaceful creatures…

Never interfere, sulking alone,

We do sometimes eat together,

But we are lazy and sleepy…

Something we care about most,

Is to see all in peace!

That is all….

 I shall back to sleep …… (Yawning)


The Cricket:

I’m the gift of the spring,

Black, green, white and yellow,

My music is beyond imagination,

Sharp and loud my message is,

Proud to feel this creation,

My heart is bigger than a hill,

Peaceful and loving to all,

So close to joyful hearts,

In deep sleep or isolation,

The best thing I always do,

Is to sing for my determination!


The Cat:

I’m the cat,

No name or identity,

No house or food,

I’m the lovely cat,

So poor but so happy,

My motto is joy,

Whatever ups and downs,

I’m always happy,

I run and jump,

I speak my language,

I cook my food, I eat...

Canned food, mice, bread, grass,

That is what I like,

Whatever joy you shall have,

Will it feel like chasing a mouse!!



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