Study of the Effect of Health System Reform Plan Administration on the Satisfaction Level among Medical Doctors and Nurses in Tabriz State Hospitals, East Azerbaijan, Iran

Saeed Jodi, Hossein Mahmoudi, Vahid Majidi


Having three orientations, the Health System Reform Plan (HSRP) has been administered to financially support and protect people, provide fair health services and promote the quality of health services. To be unsatisfied about health and medical services brings undesirable outcomes. The present investigation aimed to study the effect of Health System Reform Plan (HSRP) on the satisfaction level among medical doctors and nurses of Tabriz state hospitals, East Azerbaijan province, Iran in a period from 21th February; 2015 to 22th June; 2015. Statistical population included those patients who referred to Tabriz state hospitals. We used stratified sampling method. To collect data we used questionnaire being presented to the samples after assessing its validity and reliability. We also utilized descriptive and inferential statistics in a way that we used descriptive method to classify, summarize and interpret of obtained data. Then after demonstrating the abnormality of data by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test we used linear and multiple regressions to test research hypothesis and effect from the perspective of inferential method. Obtained results confirmed the research hypothesis and explained that the administration of HSRP affected medical doctors’ level of satisfaction. Also, according to the results of multiple regression tests, doctors and nurses’ satisfaction level was placed at the top of most affected issues from HSRP.


Administration of Health System Reform Plan, Medical Doctors’ Satisfaction, Nurses, Public Hospitals, Tabriz

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