Evaluation of Public Awareness about Orthodontic Treatments in Two Cities of Iran

Rafighi Ali, Moslemzadeh Hossein, Foroughi M Saeid, Soltani Rahim, Shadi Afshin


Objective: Most orthodontic patients are children or adolescents. In recent years, orthodontic treatment in adults, also has gained social and professional acceptance. Adults have undoubtable effect on overall treatment demand. Parents are the most powerful single factor in children motivation for treatment. Therefore, parents and other members of the society are expected to have proper knowledge about orthodontic problems. The purpose of this study was to determine and compare public awareness about orthodontic treatment in two cities of Iran.

Materials and Methods: A questionnaire consisting of 17 questions, including general information, suitable age, and costs of orthodontic treatment, was given to 384 subjects. The questionnaire was given to healthcare centers in different districts of both cities in order to justify a homogeneous study sample. The public awareness in two cities was analyzed and compared with independent t-test.

Results: There was no significant difference between the two cities in general information and their opinion about the costs of the orthodontic treatment. The difference in public awareness about the proper age for orthodontic treatment was statistically significant between the two cities (p= 0.002).

ConclusionGeneral awareness of people about orthodontic treatment in both cities was not adequate, and in the two cities, high costs of orthodontic treatment were the main problems causing treatment demand reduction. Knowledge of people in Tabriz about proper age of orthodontic treatment was higher.


Key words: Health Care Costs; Health Knowledge; Health Service Needs and Demands; Orthodontics

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