Taking Charge of Recurrence of a Glomus Tumor: About a Case and the Review of the Literature

Badaoui Reda, Elmaqrout Amine, Zaizi Abedrahim, Mekaoui Jalal, Boukhriss Jalal, Chafry Bouchaib, Benchaba Driss, Boussouga Mostapha


Glomus tumors of the hand are benign vascular tumors, which develop at the expense of the neuro-myo-arterial glomus. They represent about 1% -5% of all hand tumors. Their diagnosis is frequently delayed by the absence of specific signs, its confirmation is based on anatomopathological examination. Their treatment is based on complete surgical excision and restitution of the nail apparatus, the only guarantees of a good evolution without recurrence. We report the case of a recurrence of a glomus tumor of the ring finger in a woman where the pains reappeared 6 months after the first intervention.


Lomus Tumors, Benign, Recurrence

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7575/aiac.abcmed.v.8n.4p.17


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