Internal Trauma, Humeral Fracture, and Radial Nerve Paralysis: How Could it Occur in the Sport Setting? A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Elghoul Naoufal, Elantri Ismail, Bouya Ayoub, Bennis Azzelarab, Zaddoug Omar, Tanane Mansour, Jaafar Abdeloihab


Thrower’s fractures are Spiral fractures of the humerus in the ball. They represent very uncommon clinical entities that can simulate pathologic fractures. Moreover, the concomitant neurologic deficient is rare. Herein we report a 27 years old muscular man presented a spiral fracture of the humerus following a forceful throw of the ball during an amateur throwing challenge. Clinical and imaging findings showed a displaced Thrower fracture with radial nerve neurapraxia (known as Holstein Lewis fracture) prompting the patient to undergo surgery. The intraoperative aspect found that the nerve was near to the beveled distal humeral fragment with no incarceration. We performed an internal fixation using the Leicester plate and the nerve was kept away from the plate by the interposition of a soft tissue sheet. At the last follow up, the fracture united and radial nerve neurapraxia resolved and the patient regained the full range of motion of his right upper limb with no pain. In conclusion, although this type of fracture is rare, given their significant morbidity, we emphasize that the reactional throwers should undergo appropriate preseason training before practicing a throwing challenge or generally a throwing sport.


Thrower’s Fracture, Holstein-Lewis Fracture, Radial Nerve Palsy

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