Person Deixis in English Translation of Summarized Shahih Al-Bukhari Hadith in the Book of As-Salat

Siska Pratiwi


The dominant topic in investigating pragmatics which used to understand the meaning of certain words and phrases requires contextual information is the phenomenon of deixis. The researcher limited this study on person deixis which aimed to identify and classify kind of person deixis in English translation of Summarized Shahih Al-Bukhari Hadith , especially in the book of As-Salat (the prayer) that translated by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. This study used Stephen Levinson’s framework of deixis for the analysis of distinct types of person deixis elements. The researcher adopted qualitative research design as the method for this analysis. In this study, the researcher found that the dominant deixis used in Hadith  was the third person singular deixis especially the word “He” that dominantly refers to “Prophet Muhammad SAW in which shows that Hadith  is the media to reveal the action, provisions, approvals and utterances of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions.


Deixis, Person Deixis, Hadith

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