Poetics of Narrative: A Study on The Sons of the Wind by Laila Al Atrash

Asmaa M. Al Zuraigat, Hussein Hasan Zeidanin


This study aims at identifying the poetic devices overlapping with the genre of fiction in Laila Al Atrash's novel The Sons of the Wind. The devices the study explores are the poetics of the title, poetics of the prologue and poetics of the language upon which the writer relies to support her point of view about the topics and issues addressed in her novel. The study found different patterns of overlapping between the narrative text and poetic text and evaluated its effects on the realization of poetic narration and expression of the narrative point of view. As a highly experienced and creative writer and journalist, Al Atrash used a poetic language to express the narrative perspective of her novel.

Keywords: Poetics, Narrative, Title, Prologue, Language 

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