Effects of Complex-Contrast Versus Traditional Resistance Training on Linear Sprint, Change-of-Direction Speed, Jumps, and Maximal Strength of Physically Active Males

Jateen Baruah, Sandipraj S. Autade, Rohit K. Thapa


Background: Complex-contrast training (CT) combines traditional resistance training (RT) and ballistic training exercises to induce neuromuscular adaptation. However, adding ballistic exercises with RT exercise in CT format induces superior neuromuscular adaptation compared to performing RT alone, which needs investigation. Objective: This study compared the effects of seven-week CT and RT intervention on selected physical fitness measures among physically active adult males. Methods: A 2 × 2 repeated measures ANOVA design was used to analyse the effects of training intervention on physical fitness measures. Pre- and post-intervention data were collected for 30-m linear sprint time (with split times measured at every 5 m), countermovement jump (CMJ) height, triple hop distance, change-of-direction (COD) time, and one-repetition maximum (1RM) squat. Results: Significant within-group improvements were observed in the 1RM squat (both p<0.001), CMJ (CT, p<0.001; RT, p=0.003), and 10 m to 30 m linear sprint times (CT, all p<0.001; RT, p=0.003-0.011) for both the experimental groups. However, significant within-group improvements for triple-hop distance (p<0.001) and 5 m sprint (p=0.008) were observed only in the CT group. A significant deterioration in performance was observed for COD deficit (CT, p=0.020; RT, p=0.019) in both the experimental groups. A significant deterioration in COD total time was observed in the RT group (p=0037). A significant group-by-time interaction was observed only in 5 m linear sprint time (p=0.042), favouring the CT group. Conclusion: Seven weeks of CT and RT improved the 1RM squat, CMJ height, and 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, and 30 m linear sprint times. Meanwhile, the triple-hop distance and 5 m sprint time improved only after CT. Lastly, CT improved the 5 m sprint time more effectively than RT.


Plyometric Exercise, Athletic Performance, Resistance Training, Muscle Strength, Human Physical Conditioning, Exercise

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