Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast, A Case Study

Mohammad Al-Share, Hanan Al-Asbahi, Michleen Al-Awabdeh, Maysaa Al-Khalaileh, Mohammad Abu-Jeyyab


Breast carcinosarcoma, metaplastic neoplasm of the breast, a rare type of breast tumors that accounts about 0.08 to 0.2 % of all breast cancers. carcinosarcoma is a mixed type of neoplastic cells. carcino related to epithelial cells origin. Sarcoma is a mesenchymal cell malignant tumor. This is a sever bad prognosis cancer. A few cases was reported about breast carcinosarcoma, here in we have a case of 58 female patient that has a late stage of breast mass that was diagnosed as a breast carcinosarcoma. In this case report we will show the presentation of the patient, discuss the risk factors and put our treatment plan.


Breast, metaplastic, cancer

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