Sciatica Reveling Thigh Hydatidosis

Maryem Iken, Mohamed Boussaidane, Badr Lmimouni1, Mostapha Boussouga


Primary hydatid disease of musculoskletal system represents 1–4 % of all locations, and can take on the appearance of a soft tissue tumor. We present here a case of 62 year old man who developped a soft swelling of Posterior aspect of the thigh with distal sciatica of the left lower limb. Ultrasonography reinforced by MRI suspected an hydatid cysts diagnosis. Serologic test (ELISA) was positive. Patient underwent total surgical removal of all cystic formations, with adjunctive postoperative Mebendazole chemotherapy (15 mg/kg/day) for three months. At 03 years follow-up, patient was free of pain and had total functional recovery without local recurrence of the disease.


Antihelmintic, Hydatid Cyst, Sciatic Palsy, Surgery

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