The Relationship between dental status, body mass index and nutrient intake

Roodabeh Koodaryan, Ali Hafezeqoran, Amin Nourizadeh, Alireza Ostad Rahimi, Moloud Ahmadian


Introduction: Nutrition is one of the basic requirements for growth and development. In all the age groups, good oral health is necessary for masticatory efficacy, sense of taste, deglutition, articulation and aesthetics. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between tooth loss and food intake in a group of middle aged population.

Materials and Methods: A total number of 200 participants with age range of 40-60 years were chosen and divided into four groups. The study population was classified into one of four groups by number of permanent teeth present. Required data for the study were gathered by interviews, oral and dental examinations, anthropometric measurements and 24-hour dietary recall. Data were analyzed statistically by descriptive methods, Variance test, Kruskal-Wallis test and Pearson’s chi-square test.

Results: Statistical analysis proved that, by controlling important confounding factors, individuals with more teeth had higher mean body mass index, weight, height, energy and nutrient intake compared to those with fewer teeth.

Conclusion: Food intake and nutritional status are associated with oral health status and number of teeth.


Key words: Body mass index; Food intake; Tooth loss  

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