Castleman Disease in the Buccal Space Mimicking Lymphoma: A Case Report

Mohsen Hashemi, Javad Yazdani, Amir Hossein Bani Shah Abadi, Tannaz Abdollah Zade Baghai, Behrouz Shokouhi


Castleman disease is a benign lymphoproliferative disorder of unknown etiology, more commonly appearing in the mediastinum. Craniofacial involvement is rare. Surgical excision is the only intervention needed for the unicentric type, while systemic treatment would be necessary for the multicentric type. Here, we report a rare case of unicentric castleman disease of the buccal space of a 23-year-old woman. Additionally, we review the radiological and histopathological features of this lesion.


Castleman Disease, Lymphoproliferative Disorders, Buccal Space

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