Comparison of Temporal Bone Tomography Findings of Chronic Otitis Media with Intraoperative Findings

Yalda Jabbari Moghaddam, Farnaz Chalabianloo


Background and Objectives: Chronic otitis media is considered a common disease in our region. There are various methods for evaluation of chronic suppurative otitis media including otoscopy, CT scan, X-ray, and MRI. Nowadays, computed tomography or CT scan is used as the selected method to investigate the temporal bone. This study aims to collect the intraoperative findings and compare them with preoperative reports of temporal bone CT scans. Materials and Methods: The patients’ data with chronic otitis media who were reviewed tomographically, hospitalized and operated between 2012 and 2014 in Tabriz Sina Hospital by only one otolarynologist included in this study collected. Results: The most common lesion based on the highest frequency and percentage is Tympanosclerosis. 21.4 percent of patients whom Tympanosclerosis were not diagnosed preoperatively, found during the surgery. 78.9 And 21.1 percent of bone erosions have been diagnosed by CT scan and by direct vision, respectively. Conclusion: Although preoperative CT of Middle ear lesions is useful for surgery planning but some lesion may not be completely diagnosed by CT scan and intraoperative assessment of surgical field is crucial.


Chronic Otitis Media, CT Scan, Ossicular Chain Erosion

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