Evaluation of the Relationship between Incisal Edge Position of Maxillary Central Incisors and Incisive Papilla in Patients Referred to Prosthodontics Department of Tabriz Dental Faculty

Sepideh Bohluli, Alireza Pour Nasrollah, Hosein Eslami, Vahid Fakhrzadeh, Sahar Khadem Neghad, Ramin Negahdari, Seyyed Mahdi Vahid Pakdel


Background and Aims: Teeth position is an important component in a facial esthetic. Distance between incisive papilla and incisal edge of the maxillary centrals is a stable landmark in reconstruction anterior teeth of maxilla. Therefore in this study, we tried to establish this index in patients who recourse to the fixed prosthodontics dentistry faculty of Tabriz. Materials and Methods: The initial samples consisted of 59 patients referred to prosthodontics department of Tabriz dental faculty and took upper jaw impressions with irreversible hydrocolloid. Then, records poured by moldana stone until 15 minutes and needed anatomical spots were highlighted. The horizontal distance from anterior part on incisal edge of the maxillary centrals to anterior border, center and posterior border of incisive papillae were measured and statistically inspected. Results: The mean distance between the most anterior point of the incisal edge of the maxillary central incisors and the middle point, anterior border and posterior border of the incisive papilla was 8.54 ,7.12,10.28 mm with standard deviations of 0.83,0.75,1.002 mm.

Conclusions: The usefulness of the incisive papilla as a reference point is limited because of the migration and change of shape it has been shown to undergo. However, it may serve some purpose because it is an easy measurement to make. Although the clinical findings may not always be true, but in many cases there is a close relationship.

Key words: Teeth; incisive papilla; maxilla; occlusal plane;

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