Late Thrombolytic Treatment In A Patient With Ischemic Stroke Caused By Biatrial Thrombus

Halit CINARKA, Mevlut KARATAS, Songul OZYURT, Aziz GUMUS, Unal Sahin, Servet KAYHAN


Venous thromboembolism is a preventable disease when necessary precautions are taken and it occurs along with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Mortality related to venous thromboembolism may be high in the acute phase of the disease and it may become chronic. Intracardiac thrombus may be detected in some venous thromboemboli cases. Cardiac embolism is responsible for most of the ischemic strokes which can be very mortal or may cause serious morbidity when they are not treated in time. In this report, we aimed to present the results of late antithrombolytic treatment in a 77-year old patient who developed deep vein thrombosis, biatrial thrombosis and ischemic stroke following hydrocephalus shunt operation.


Key words: Venous thromboembolism; ischemic stroke; thrombolytic therapy

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