Evaluation of the Knowledge of General Dental Practitioners in Tabriz about the Implant Treatment Planning

Alireza Pournasrollah, Ramin Negahdari, Seyyed Mahdi Vahid Pakdel


Introduction: Based on available evidence, demand for dental implants is on the rise in Iran similar to that in other countries. Therefore, it seems it is necessary to promote the knowledge and performance of dentists in this respect. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the knowledge of general dental practitioners in Iran about the implant treatment planning.

Materials and methods: In the present cross-sectional survey, 272 general dental practitioners in Tabriz were evaluated. Data were collected using a researcher-made questionnaire whose validity and reliability had been confirmed. Data were analyzed with descriptive and analytical statistical methods using SPSS 21.

Results: The results showed a mean knowledge score of 19.4 in relation to dental implant treatment planning among general dental practitioners in Tabriz; 1.1% of dentists had low knowledge level, 79% had moderate knowledge level and 19.9% had good knowledge level. Analysis of data showed a significant relationship between the dentists’ knowledge level and job experience, gender and a history of participation in continuous education programs.

Conclusion: On the whole, the general dental practitioners in Tabriz had a moderate level of knowledge about dental implant treatment planning.


Keywords: Implant; Knowledge; Dentists; Tabriz

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