Investigating Iraqi EFL College Students’ Ability of Parametric Resetting

Mahdi I. Kareem al-Utbi, Mawj K. Obeid Aljubory


This paper tries to answer whether Iraqi EFL college students are able to reset the parametric values of their native Arabic into those which suit English. It aims at enhancing Iraqi students' knowledge of some of the parametric values of English via tackling three parameters: Null-subject parameter, Head-parameter, and Serial parameter. To achieve the aim of this study,  Grammaticality Judgment Tasks are administered to sixty students of the fourth year at the Department of English- College of Languages/ University of Baghdad for the academic year 2016-2017. The students' responses have been corrected and statically analysed. The study concludes that Iraqi EFL students' ability to reset parameters varies as to the parameter in question since they have succeeded to reset the Head parameter, but failed to reset the Serial parameter; this is accompanied by a partial ability to rest the Null-subject parameter. As well, it has further been revealed that Iraqi EFL students' inability to reset a parameter is due to negative transfer from Arabic to English, hence EFL learners need be exposed to extensive input data to encourage the resetting of parameters.


Arabic; English; Iraqi EFL; Parameters; Resetting

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